Sinking feeling…..

I have recently read about the race to complete the world’s first upscale underwater hotel. It now has become a four-way event between Istanbul, China, Dubai and the Fiji. The ‘Shanghai Shimao Wonderland’ will open its doors next year as the “worlds lowest altitude hotel” while Dubai’s Hydropolis is a half-billion-dollar hotel shaped like a jellyfish with 220 rooms and a shopping mall.  Sound unique, cool, fun? Well personally I find the whole thing just a little freaky. Especially when you discover the Hydroplois has a missile defense system to guard against terrorists! Can you imagine anything than worse staying 40 feet below the surface surrounded by water with only one tunnel out? The words ‘trapped’ and claustrophobic’ come to mind!

The Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji is open if you fancy putting it to the test? It has $20,000-per-night suite that is accessible by only submarine (for me, this just makes the whole thing even worse!) or the standard rate of $1,500 a night to enter the rooms via an underwater lift and tunnel.

Unique, unusual and worth a story maybe. Certainly for some, this is something to aspire to. For me, I am pleased to say my feet will be staying solidly on terra firma.  Ritz Carlton anyone?!

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