Rhyme or reason?

Leather and feather may rhyme phonetically but fashionably? I am not so sure.

Whitney so often gets it spot on but for me this outfit just misses the mark and the ostrich like skirt just clashes for me. Especially with the shoes somehow……the mary jane style just seems too delicate and girly to match………..what do you think?



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4 responses to “Rhyme or reason?

  1. The problem may be in the feathers. I love the skirt but I think they are hard to pull off! A lot of static to contend with too. Nice idea but not cohesive.

  2. I kind of like the look. I feel like the is something missing. As noelani said above, it’s not quite cohesive.

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  3. I so agree 🙂 It gives her extra volume from waste down…such a shame as she always looks fab! 😉 xx


  4. I don’t quite fancy the feather skirt – doesn’t seem to go with the leather jacket. :\ Like noelani said, it’s pretty hard to pull off though it is a really pretty and delicate piece! x

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