Spring into summer…..

……so Spring has arrived in Europe and the streets of London are again lined with flipflop wearing, ice cream carrying ladies all heading for a corner of sunshine. And thankfully it looks like the grey winter days are behind for everyone on that side of the world.

So as you start to consider your summer wardrobe I thought there was no better time to share some swimwear inspiration. Anthropologie have just launched their new range and my oh my it doesn’t leave anything out. I adore this range, unusual shapes, stunning colours and a touch of sophistication. Personally I couldn’t wear the 50’s style high pants and mini shorts but I wish I could. I love them. Can’t you just see yourself by the pool at the Ritz Carlton, cool cocktail in hand and a long day with your favourite book ahead of you. Sigh. Shame I am in the office…..




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2 responses to “Spring into summer…..

  1. I love that mint colored bathing suit in the bottom picture!

  2. Ahh I love the swimwear – its very feminine 🙂


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