Pretty in pink

First of all ladies I must apologise for not being around for the last week. Life has been running away with me and somehow the days passed without any internet inspiration so I do apologise. Today however I have been very inspired by these super sweet shots of Reese Witherspoon on her wedding day –  wearing pink! Somehow only Reese could pull this off but doesn’t she look gorgeous?! A twist on the traditional that is still understated and unique. I love this look!


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I simply cannot believe this is a seriously shot and produced ad.

BUT on research it looks like it might be…….

But then maybe not?

Hmmmm.  Over to you………Pharrell Williams music video style campaign with Louis Vuitton – real or fake??

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Top Mango

I have always loved the Spanish label Mango. Ever since the summers of my early teens when Mango was still only seen on the streets of Spain and my mum would take me shopping for beautiful pieces of style (that no-one back home would have!) have I loved their approach to colour and shape and the easy flow of their stores. They are consistent yet innovative and they seem to just ‘get’ sophisticated style with a chic twist. They never let you down.

Their ‘Nude’ collection for Spring ’11 hasn’t failed to impress again. I love the neutral color palette of the collection with camel, tan and brown hues and here, I just adore this soft pink tone. So feminine, understated and springlike.  And the small case and sun glassses really finish off the outfit. I am not totally sure about model Alejandra Alonso here though. I don’t like her body position, nor her open lips, something about her stance just doesn’t seem to do the clothes justice. Plus, her hair seems to have not been quite finished – it overwhelms the photo. Maybe a 7/10 for the overall shot, what do you think?



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Indian details

Something beautiful for Thursday morning. Kate is stunning as ever but it is the styling that caught my eye.

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Adore. Simply adore.

Club Monaco’s spring campaign.

The muted tones, the accesories, the tailored shapes. This is a perfect spring collection in my eyes.

Shot by New York-based photographer Ryan McGinley I love the beachy, outdoorsy backdrops and simple expressions on all their faces. It has such a natural feel to it.  The campaign features a whole host of semi famous faces—French actress Lou Doillon, model Tali Lennox, model/actress Lauren Hutton, artist India Menuez, and photographer Rachel Chandler, just to name a few.

I may just have to book a trip overseas to get my hands on this beautiful selection!


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I have never posted anything personal before on my blog. I tend to keep private details quite separate. However today I came across some photography of my wedding cake on the cake makers website and I felt such happiness over how beautifully it turned out I thought  that:

1) given my passion for sharing beautiful things, I would share it with you all


2) given I often share other people’s wedding details it was probably fine to share a piece of my own…

So there we are and here it is. My favourite ever wedding cake (I am shamlessly bias of course!)

I hope you agree its  a very pretty cake indeed 🙂

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Singing in the rain!

My sources tell me that today it is raining in lots of place around the world. Either that or it’s just plain grey, chilly and not remotely springlike at all. Not good at all for a Saturday ;(.

However, the good news is that being stuck in the rain has at least one major benefit and that is, rain means time for cooking (and not singing as one might have previosuly heard!)

And, what else could cheer you up more than a delicious looking pizza like this one? I found these lovely photos on a new blog I am very much enjoying called tomatoesinlove (which I highly recommend you check out) and fell in love. So, on this grey and miserable Saturday, my advice to all you ladies stuck inside for the afternoon is as follows:

1) Ogle over this photography for a moment

2) Grab your apron

3) Put on some tunes

4) Cook up a feast

5) Sit snugly with your favourite DVD and a gooey, gorgeous slice of pizza. Or two.

And here’s how:

* Chop up some butternut squash, lightly coat with olive oil and then roast for 30 minutes.

* Make dough (click here for tips or alternatively pop to the shop for ready made pizza bases!)

* Spoon over some tomato sauce  – whatever you have at home works, plain tomato puree from a tin, tomato pasta sauce or freshly made with tomatoes you have in the fridge.

* Tear up some mozzarella (or any other grated/blue cheese) and scatter in across the tomato

* Place your roasted butternut and some red onion on top.

* Bake for 10 minutes or so.

* Add a touch of basil or pesto on the top.

(N.B If you don’t have butternut or red onion at home, courgette, white onion, aubergine, olives, even potato would work as a substitute!)

Simply delicious. And suddenly the rain matters just a little less……..Happy Cooking.

P.S If its not raining where you are I see absolutely no reason not to find an excuse to cook this anyway!

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