New home, new walk in wardrobe…..

And this is it.

The new walk in wardrobe……

………………of my dreams.

Sadly my new home does not have a walk in wardobe that looks like this, nor does it have a WIW at all. But if it did have a WIW I should design in to perfectly reflect this stunning new Miu Miu flagship store in Venice. 

Oh to wander and ponder in this beatuiful store. Just imagine trying on that stunning yellow bag whilst bouncing into that soft carpet under that unbelievable golden cieling.

If only I had a trip to Italy planned………

or of course my own WIW.

Note to self, must keep working hard. Happy Friday ladies!



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4 responses to “New home, new walk in wardrobe…..

  1. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ha Ha! If you can convince them I’ll move in too!!! 🙂

  2. Ah Miu Miu. Lovely store pics…. I can just about fit my body into my wardrobe and shut the sliding door. I’m telling myself this is the NYC walk in I’ve always dreamed of… more dreaming needed perhaps… le sigh…

  3. I am in love ha ha ha

    check out my blog and subscribe!

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