Certainly not in the name of fashion…..

There are times, when even in the name of fashion, I just cannot find any valid reason what so ever to put an otherwise beautiful model in an alien outfit with a lampshade on her head and ask her to walk down the runway…………

Or in  a cyber inspired cat outfit with Lord of the Rings-esq horns………..

Or the flesh coloured Star Wars extra’s wardrobe…….

And surely, surely, not in this Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate factory inspired outfit??

(Plus, couldn’t someone have told her that she put her ‘should-be-backless not frontless’ dress on the wrong way round??!)

Muugler, sadly, you lost me at the first outfit of your Fall 2011 collection. For me, even in the name of fashion, this is just not worthy. This is simply ridiculous. And quite frankly, ugly!



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3 responses to “Certainly not in the name of fashion…..

  1. So agree.

    They are totally unsexy, totally have no soul, idea, direction or interest or beauty. They are the work of a boy man who bores himself and hates his mummy.

  2. CinZilicious

    omg these photos are just sooo wrong at so many levels! At first i thought the first photo was of Lady Gaga…lol…or is it?

    Hm…i dont get the last “front less dress” outfit either! How can u wear that anyway? well,unless ur lady gaga….;-)


  3. Further proves my point that fashion and style are two very different things…

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