Ladies in Red

So, I know you have all probably read a mountain about red carpet dresses in the last few days but today red is my theme so here’s one more post to add to the masses! Inspired by Anne Hathaway and Sandra  Bullock and their knock out dresses…..

So Anne, I have to say, I am not in love with the fabric, but otherwise this dress is just stunning on her.  I love the shape and the train and her loose hair and beatiful lips complete the package. She looks youthful yet elegant and understated and this caught my eye straight away.

Then there’s Sandra who also totally dazzled in a red Vera Wang and pulled off a show stopping outfit. Sophisticated and simple yet totally dazzling with a more finished look than Anne, I love how carries the whole look. As Stephanie Darling said yesterday “Looking good is the best revenge. Jesse who?!” Good work Sandra!

So there you have it. Red is back. Bold and beautiful.  Shopping anyone?



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2 responses to “Ladies in Red

  1. Loved Sandra’s dress just simple clean cut and fitted her just perfectly 🙂
    Anne as always rock any dresses but I agree not too sure about the fabric…but she looked superb! 😉

  2. CinZilicious

    Hm…you’ve changed my mind. Red doesn’t look that bad after all;)


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