The good news, the bad news.

Which first?!

Well the good, actually make that great, news is that Sex in the City will grace our movie theatres again soon! Less than a year after the second film was snubbed by critics, it seems Hollywood hasn’t fallen out of love with the girls after all. Phew.

HOWEVER the bad news is that aparnetly its a prequel film, based on Candace Bushnell’s bestselling book The Carrie Diaries, about the teenage years of her heroine.  To me though, this concept in film is just generally somehow a bit off . Surely SATC is aimed at the 20-45 year old woman and The Carrie Diaries sounds more suited to the teenage market?? This for a start doesn’t make me smile.
I am not sure that SATC NYC glamour, humour and romance works so well with a Gossip Girl age range….

Secondly and much more importantly, apparently Blake Lively will be cast as Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hence the GG reference) Eeeek. Now what on earth are they thinking? This is just all wrong. Blake simply cannot compare in character depth, glamour or even coolness to SJP. This news just makes me sad. Hollywood gets it wrong again. Sigh.



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2 responses to “The good news, the bad news.

  1. Never seen Gossip Girl and no desire to. What I do know is that this actress is too pretty, too sweet looking, too shiny to play Carrie. Personally, after film #2, I’m surprised they film director even showed his face again.

  2. CinZilicious

    OMG, i cannot believe this news. Honestly, i do love SATC and i just really from the botton of my heart wish that director would leave these 4 wonderful woman with the lovely memories that i had of them in the last sequel. Any more follow ups to do and to go backwards to their teens is just WRONG and WEIRD!!!!

    And what? Blake Lively? I think she’s a sweet and pretty girl but i don’t think u can really replace Carrie with anyone.

    I’m really thinkin OMG outloud right now about this news! lol….but thx for the info RUC:)


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