Beauty and the Bank

To my friends that live in Paris…….i hope you are aware that you are in the most beautiful, glamorous and perfectly designed city in the world?! Of course, I have always had it up there in the top ten, but when I realised that even the banks can be beautiful, it propelled up much closer to the number 1 spot! Only Parisians can pull this level of perfection off.

So, this is where girls of style should hide away their pennies to save for that next pair of Manolo’s?! I would even consider finding the time, that I never have, at lunch time to pop in here. Queues? Who cares, I’ll stay all day……..



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5 responses to “Beauty and the Bank

  1. Woo I love it! Off to Paris we go! Seriously, I would love to see the restrooms 😉

  2. Oh how I miss Paris!! (sigh) My favorite place on earth!!

  3. aww this is beautiful and magical…I love it!!!


  4. CinZilicious

    Lovely! Who knew banks could look stylish too? Hope the same thing goes with the bankers that work in there! lol


  5. OMG is that for real :)????
    Thats just amazing!!! xx

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