Asia Wow….

To me Asia is such a magical place with so many diverse cultures all hidden under the ‘Asian’ title. It would take a life time to discover them all. Energy, change, happiness, sadness, tradition, modernity, poverty, war, peace, growth, and a million things in between.

It wasn’t until I spent time in China that I had any idea quite how many different languages, people, cultures, lifestyles, foods and even fashions existed in that one mammoth country.  And that is just one single country. Did you know there are 37 countries in Asia? It covers countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Armenia, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan (where?!), Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Turkmenistan (again, where?!), Japan………wow the list goes on……

A while ago I came across a very impressive photojournalist called Steve McCurry and I posted some of his work. They are simply beautiful moments that capture a hint of the hidden beauty, people and life across the region. Eye opening and totally stunning so I thought I’d share a selection again, worth looking at twice!



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  1. So many people see Asia in such a narrow-minded way: they just see China as representative of the Asian continent. So wrong! I’d really love to visit India. Beautiful images and a great post!

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