When dreams come true….

….Now I can’t quite believe this story but apparently it is true and has been reported widely across the US the last day or so (not that that makes it true necessarily!) but anyway, here’s the story……

Two months ago, a Brooklyn comedian called Craig Rowin made a youtube video specifically to be watched by millionaires. It is quite an entertaining watch to be fair (his tone of voice does really make me smile – especially the opening line!) and the general gist was that he was asking for $1 million. Not for any purpose or reason, just because he quite fancied an extra $1,000,000.  Now somehow, somehow, a millionaire somewhere watched his video and liked his plea and has agreed to give him that 1,000,000 no strings attached! Apparently. The story has it that he called Craig, left him a message and then got his lawyer to confirm the deal and (of course, in true American style) the donation will now turn into a huge semi-celeb reality story and will be televised. Apparently, dreams do come true – all you have to do is ask!

Now, here’s the thing, I can’t help thinking that either:

a) Surely this is actually a very smart PR campaign deivised specifically to reboot a certain comedians career?

b) If that’s not the case then surely said millionaire should be donating his dollars to a much better cause (unless of course the PR campaign is actually for him!)

We shall see how the story unfolds, sadly I doubt everything is quite as it seems but its a fun story on a cool January day regardless. What’s your verdict? Dream come true OR just too good to be true?!

Part 1 – The Plea:

Part 2 – Success!


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  1. M

    i heard about this! is this for real!?

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