Quite possibly weepy, definitely smiley and one to watch with your man….

……if you can convince him!!

You all know I am quite the  cinema lover. It’s not that I go a lot, or even often really, but I just love it when I do. I love the big screen, the total lack of distractions and the ability to really see and hear every detail. Plus you absolutely HAVE to eat popcorn right? So you have the perfect excuse for that too!

I am quite lucky that I can sometimes convince my man to come with me to watch silly, light hearted romcoms – but the thing is I don’t  actually often ask so I can save up my requests for only the best looking films! And this one looks like a good one. Firstly, what eye candy – Jake is looking quite the handsome, a little bit older, man and Anne just looks wonderfully sweet, believable and sassy all at once. The plot looks like it takes a serious twist while the opening drama looks lighthearted and entertaining, and I guess we’ll just have to see if its a happy or sad ending but my bet is on the happy side. It’s out around about now (depending on what country you are in) and I say grab your guy, smile sweetly and head down on Sunday night. Sure to make you smile and cry and give you an excuse to hug up close and love the cinema.



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3 responses to “Quite possibly weepy, definitely smiley and one to watch with your man….

  1. I loved this film and went to see it twice (did a wee review too). I laughed, cried and just loved them together. At moments it was light-hearted and fun, at other times I found myself wondering what I would do and just wanted t hug Anne’s character. I really enjoyed it. Did you see ‘Somewhere’?

  2. M

    i hear that you see anne hathaway naked- that will convince your man 😛

  3. CinZilicious

    The video seems to be disabled? Anyhow, i watched it on Thursday with BF and i just loved it! It’s a really sweet movie and of cuz i had my share of laughters and tears with Anne:) It’s a great insight into the test of relationships as well;)


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