Can you believe it?!!

Well I certainly can’t!


And I should probably tell you what I am on about……..

Two of my favourite bloggers ( and nominated me for the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ last week!I simply cannot believe it! I was totally taken aback, thrilled and so surprised. What a honour and great way to end 2010 and start 2011. Ladies, a million thanks again, I am still smiling.

In return for the award (its the rules!) I have to unveil 5 things about myself to the world, so here goes:


1) If I ever become fat it will be due to a shameless addiction to cheese, crisps and cream based pasta sauces. Just too good to say no to – if there is a bowl of any of these things anywhere near me its as if my hand is on auto drive!

2) I have very strong toes! I barely ever ever wear flat shoes. I am slowly becoming accustomed to flip flops, now that I live in warmer climates, but when I am wearing them you’ll often find me standing on my tip toes totally unaware I am doing it.

3) In my previous life (before I became a very responsible and grown up professional, wife and soon to be house owner!)  I was a cheerleader and competed at the World Cheerleading Championships. Really, its true!

4) I hate the sound of fingernails scratching against seat belts in cars. Weird I know, but its the same thing that others find when they hear nails on a blackboard. Totally cringe worthy and it makes me shiver and curl my toes!

5) My favourite country I visited in 2010 was Cambodia. Fabulously warm and smiling people, amazing landscapes and food to die for. Here’s to a better future than the past for all Cambodians – they deserve it.


The final part of my award is to nominate 6 more bloggers that deserve the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’. It is a very hard choice as there are some amazing girls out there, but here is my shortlist (the long list is very long indeed and this took some deciding):

Ladies, I love following you all – keep up the good work in 2011!


Plus I would like to do a special personal mention to Milla at for being a fabulous blogger and having wonderful opinions and conversation always. Also to celebrate her new and beautiful blog design. Milla, I know you gave an award to me first but I just had to send something right back – especially as you were the first blog I ever found and that inspired me to start my own! To all my readers, if you haven’t already, go and check her out!



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5 responses to “Can you believe it?!!

  1. Adorable! I get your shameless addictions!
    Thank you for nominating me!! Your kind words about Milla are so touching…I agree, visiting her site is like being invited to her dinner party with the most interesting conversation.
    (A cheerleader!! Cute!)

  2. We want a cheerleading post next then 😉

    Cupcake raises an interesting thought. Maybe we SHOULD all go round to Milla’s for dinner 😉

    Off to check out your blog suggestions/awards….

  3. Thank you so much darling for nominating me! So lovely and I must say that I am very new to blogging but though that I met so many lovely people like you!
    I also agree with your comment on Milla – she is a gem! xxx

  4. CinZilicious

    Thanks a mill for nominating me!!! I was gonna nominate you too, haha. But i’ve linked you back on my blog post:) Pls feel free to drop by and check it out, plus u get to know 7 more things about moi, if you wanna know,lol

    Btw, love your personal mention on Milla, she is sure a delightful woman that i’ve come across in the blogging world:D

    Have a lovely weekend RUC!!!!


  5. You totally deserved the award! Strong toes! Haha! I love that one! And the fingernails one is quite interesting indeed! And well, thanks for sending the award back to me. 🙂

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