Top of the shops for 2011

I have previously mentioned my huge admiration for Topshop and its changing face of fashion over the last few years. Personally I don’t actually shop there, as I am much more of a boutique goer, but just look at these inspiring designs from their Spring collection. I was really very surprised and taken aback by the bright, bold and unique designs and eclectic style. This really takes the store one step closer to the catwalk and one further away from other high street brands.

The selection below showcases some of the trends they are following for 2011, a sneak peak at what’s to come, see what you think and check out the shoes popping out from some of the outfits – some very exciting options from a non designer brand………

1) Homespun Handiwork – a hippy-esq selection of suedes, floral prints and crochet. This one’s not for me but if you’re a festival goer there is certainly something for you here. And I can just see the English celebs loving this look next Spring across Notting Hill and Portobello.

2) Print Overload – over the top, bold and playful printed pieces. I quite love this look. Its brave and its a crazy mix and it has a touch of the 70’s. Probably most of us can’t quite get away with this, but hey, we can have fun trying!

3) Earthy Stones – this selection is a very rustic, ‘outdoorsy’ collection with touches of worn leather, bold, aqua jewellery and faded denims. Again, not my look personally but incredibly versatile and this one has huge potential for mix and match and super accessories!

4) Skirtstyle – changing them up – midi skirts at calf length, bold skirts with crazy patterns and the straight pencil skirts of the 40’s. If you’re a skirt lover then there will be something for you. I have to say the below stripy skirt and red belt, plus green bag combo is my favourite look here. I love this style…..

5) Color Pop – bold and bright pieces, topped off with even bolder and brighter accessories. This trend is super fun and super colourful! I adore the mix and match possibilities here and that we’ll see so much colour after this cold, cold winter. Roll on Spring!

6) The Kick Flare – now I have to say I am excited to see this trend return! I am a huge fan of slightly flared trousers as I find them very flattering. Topshop are introducing a range that is a little too ’70’s rocker-inspired’ for me (I prefer something a little more understated) but never the less this is a cute trend to see re-appear.

**Although I am really not sure of the lycra look of these purple trousers below (and they are too short with those shoes) – watch out Topshop, we are in 2011 now and there are some trends best left in the 70’s. Forever!

So, what do you think and do you have a favourite girls?


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