Question 1: How on earth does someone manage to leave the house with no trousers at all and still pull of something considered as stylish??

Answer: Only, and I mean ONLY if you are called Lady Gaga.

The nude leotard and black biker jacket combo manages to make it look like she’s nakes underneath (of course) leaving very little to the imagination and ‘dominatrix’ her look of the moment. But the sunglasses (at night??) and choker somehow do manage to pull your eye up to the top half of her outfit which does kinda seem glamorous – or maybe its just her hair?

I guess my second question is……..

Question 2: Actually, can someone manage to leave the house with no trousers on and still look stylish? Even if you’re Gaga? Or is this a step to far and failing on the fashion front?

Answer: This is up  to you…..but from my POV even Lady G pushes my limits of acceptance here and this one for me, at night, in the middle of winter is probably a little off limits. Even in the name of standing out. Surely some type of lacy, barely there mini skirt could have completed the outfit without totally removing her bottom half? What do you think?



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6 responses to “Questions.

  1. Put some damn clothes on…but alas it’s that attention whore Gaga, so we expect this business!
    Happy New Year!

  2. M

    haha LOVE that she does this. she does what she wants!!! hahahhaa


  3. Haha! I love this post! I surely do not have the guts to wear only fishnet stockings. If I had seen this on anyone else but her, I would have called it a fashion faux pas. But come on, this is Gaga!

  4. I just can`t get into her not wearing pants in public, on stage yes…in real life…uhhh no. She tries too hard sometimes..

  5. It’s great that she doesn’t care and does what she wants, but at the same time, I’d like to her to want to put some pants on! And in that particular picture you have, especially with the glasses, she looks kind of like she is blind.


  6. Yep, too far I think. Young girls want to dress like her, already tired of boys with their pants so far down I have to see their underwear.

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