Beach bound

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you are all still enjoying the festive season and are getting ready for an incredibly glamorous welcome to 2011? I am still choosing my outfit of choice for Friday night but I think I have decided on the subtly animal printed maxi, with gold accesories and shoes. So, while I perfect the outfit plans (of course I need a second one for the first city brunch of 2011 on Saturday too – any suggestions for best summer brunch outifts?) I am heading off to the beach for some fresh air and open spaces. I am hoping it peaks my imagination, as well as helping me work a little on my tan! So I wanted to let you know I am about to go a little quiet for the next few days but I shall be back before the NYE celebrations begin with my last few posts for this year.
So, until then stylsih ladies, enjoy your week and I am looking forward to catching up with you all soon!
R-U-C x



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3 responses to “Beach bound

  1. Bon voyage! What ever you choose will be perfection no doubt!

  2. Q

    I can’t decide what I’m going to wear either. I’m thinking gold.

  3. M

    i’m beach bound too!!! cannot waiiiiiiiiiiiit


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