A Christmas classic…

……dedicated to all my friends and readers in the snow this Christmas.  I hope you all get to where you are going safely and happily and without (too many!) delays. I adore this. The film, the music, the childhood magic. Happy Christmas everyone!



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5 responses to “A Christmas classic…

  1. M

    we’re getting a blizzard here in nyc 😦

  2. Did you have a good weekend?

    Le Choix Trois

  3. Haha! Ah Christmas films. Will they ever get old? I hope you had a great Christmas btw.

    And I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Come pick it up if you want to!


  4. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    I had a lovely weekend thanks ladies! Now 2011 approaches and the last night of the festivities…..!

    And now I arrive home to an award?! Wow, thank you very much indeed. What an honour and a surprise. I cant believe it! I am dashing over to you now. Eeeek! 🙂

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