December 23rd 2010

Dear Father Christmas,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have remained manicured, pedicured and styled at all times, yet have managed to do so on a very firm budget. I have cooked organically and eco friendly-ly and have cut out the use of plastic bags.I upgraded my sunscreen to a factor that hardly even lets in the sun, and increased my budget for face creams, cleaners, toners and serums just like the lady at Clinique told me to! I have learnt a new language and am learning another, I started a blog that I think others enjoy and I have given back to the community. I have cut my hair every six weeks, I married a wonderful man and I have swapped my heels for flats only when absolutely necessary. I have swapped my love for high fat ‘Kettle Chips’ and cheese boards, for low fat frozen yoghurt smoothies, and although I just haven’t been able to give up Champagne I have cut out the sugary and beautifully brightly coloured cocktails that I so love (most the time!) I must be honest, I am still working on my addictions for Italian food, collecting pearls in all their forms and buying black dresses endlessly. I promise to be better at this in 2011!

So, with all this in mind, and knowing you are a incredibly busy man at this time of year, I feel it should be very helpful to reference the below list for Christmas this year. The fabulous and highly reliable Tamara Mellon has got it covered…..

Happy sleigh flying – your mince pie and sherry awaits you. Thanks Santa!



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6 responses to “December 23rd 2010

  1. I hope Santa is listening because clearly, you’ve been amazing this year! Which language did you learn (Cantonese)? Which are you learning (Afrikaans)?

    Trust me, Italian food will do you no harm – enjoy it! Let’s hope Santa has a meeting with our husbands and Tamara!

    Merry Christmas lovely!


  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ha ha! Thanks Milla! Yes I learnt Cantonese and now I am learning Xhosa (I like a challenge!) I am excited for 2011!
    And yes, let’s hope Santa and our husbands are sipping mulled wine as we speak!
    Have a lovely Christmas, so fab to have “met” you here this year 🙂
    R-U-C x

  3. Wow you’ve really been on your best behaviour!! Merry Christmas!

  4. me

    I love this! You’ve given me inspiration for 2011!! xx

  5. Wow! You did so well 🙂 i can see lots been happening in 2010 in a very good way of course! Hope you have been spoiled over Xmas and have another great year! It should be easier if you keep up – I always have a problem with that xxx

  6. CinZilicious

    Wow, u learnt Cantonese? Gosh, i speak Cantonese but i’m crap at readin/writing it, shame shame i know;)

    And yes, from reading ur letter to Santa, u have been on your best behavior!!!:D I love kettle chips and italian food u know, hahaha. And yes, i have heard that Italian food isnt too fatty so its all good, hehe

    All the best to 2011!!!!


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