If I owned a boutique…..

……..it would look like this! I just love this design and luxurious glamour that oozes out of this ‘Hollywood dressing room’ style boutique in Sydney. Simple, elegant, spacious, well lit and easy to follow – with those beautifully eclectic wooden tables full of treasure chest like goodies – this is my shopping heaven. Plus they have colour coded the clothes, which in my books, wins big time!

So, for pure inspiration purposes I am sharing this with you all, and although I don’t know if any of my lovely readers are Sydney side (?), if you are I would absolutely recommend you go and Fleur Wood in Westfield. Oh, and report back to the rest of us!



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3 responses to “If I owned a boutique…..

  1. me

    I was in Westfield yesterday but missed this one! Will check out the sister shop in Paddington and report back xx

  2. I love boutiques. They always look so pristine and polished. This one is beautiful.


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