Cute, cruel or just christmassy?!

Now girls, I just think you might enjoy this!

I have to say my first instinct was not all good, but as it went on my frown turned into a smile and by the end I was quite enjoying this from Harvey Nichols. A fun and Christmassy take of a ridiculous Hollywood fashion accessory. Cruel? Well probably that’s too strong a word, but I don’t think this trend (or the ad) is all together kind either. Shouldn’t dogs just ‘be dogs’ and roll around in mud and fetch sticks?! I am not sure about them being portrayed as kept in drawers either!!

But overall this is entertaining, interestingly shot and actually pretty silly – but worth the watch for some very cute puppies and fabulous accessories (check out the leopard print ensemble half way through!) Oh, and for the ending which really made me giggle….

Have a watch and see what your verdict is………perfectly cute, funny and totally christmassy? Or just over the top and a little cruel?



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6 responses to “Cute, cruel or just christmassy?!

  1. I’d say not cool!

  2. Leaves me feeling flat – some digital marketing guru seemed to think this was a good idea, too much thought into this going viral and not enough “what is this going to do for our brand?”
    I don’t think it put Harvey Nicks’ customers in a particularly good light either!

  3. it’s cool and cute…they are such cuties!!!


  4. Not ok at all, actually. Very stupid imo.

  5. It’s ridiculous. Obviously I know Harvey Nics aren’t keeping dogs in drawers or selling them on the second floor, but it’s the concept, particularly at this time of year. There’s bound to be some airhead who cannot think for herself, sees the ad and is like “oh yes, those Jimmy Choo Private heels go so well with a little doggy, must get both”.

    Not cool, not funny and basically anti-Christmas spirit.

  6. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Oh Ladies as ever – I loved your opinions! Seems like Harvey Nics got this one way wrong and off track……….lets hope someone from the marketing team pops by here to hear our thoughts!

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