An engagement with Testino

Against all the negative opinions circling today, I actually really like this photo. I think Kate and William look soft and natural and just like any other in love couple that have just got engaged. And lets be honest, who wouldn’t want Mario to shoot your engagement shots?

Plus she chose her own down to earth high street wardrobe, versus high end designer items, making her accessible and approachable to all the young princesses out there looking up to her.  I for one, would like to see the rest of the shoot…and wow, I still can’t stop looking at that ring bling! 🙂




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4 responses to “An engagement with Testino

  1. Cute & natural. Good on them!

  2. Testino did the best shots ever of his mum. He takes a great natural beauty shot. This follows the same formula: natural, informal, pale colours, lit for skin. Who wouldn’t want Testino as the family snapper? He’s done an excellent job of showing the ‘ real life’ love of the pair – over the fairy tale formality of Will’s mum and dads engagement shots.

    But I’m amazed how much Will and Kate seem to be in the thrall of his mother’s image – same ring, same blue engagement dress, the same photographer she loved etc. But a dead mum is probably an even more exacting person to live up to than a living mum – even if she wasn’t a style icon. Or is it just that Testino is not just on the Wales Christmas card list but also on most girl’s wish list of photographers?

  3. CinZilicious

    Love it!!!Everything looks just right in place too:)


  4. I think Ms Middleton is really pretty and yes good on her for sticking to the British High Street. I just wish William wasn’t squeezing her quite so hard in this pic-she already seems mildly trapped-either that or I am just not romantic enough 😉

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