Tuxedo chic

Leighton Meester stepped out in a very new style in NYC recently and I am loving her confidence. Normally one for dresses and Gossip Girl styled feminine perfection, this courageous step into ‘menswear’ took me by pleasant surprise. Hot, hot,hot – don’t you think?



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13 responses to “Tuxedo chic

  1. I agree! I thought it was a pleasnt surprise from what she usually wears! Very refreshing! xoxoxoxo

  2. Some people are hating on this look, but I love it and commend her for doing it. Sexy in a suit is as sexy as you can get, I think…


  3. Looks great on her!

    thanks for your comment on my blog! 🙂 follow eachother?



  4. Looks great on her!

    thanks for your comment on my blog! follow eachother?



  5. she can pull it off for sure!

  6. Extremely hot! I really like how Leighton knows how to suprise us! Much better than her collegue who always takes the easy way, in my opinion 😉


  7. I think this works because she wore it with a shorter pant. A long trouser would look too masculine.

  8. M

    im a fan of mixing masculinity and femininity! She looks great!


  9. Yes, I love menswear and the heels just make it – great look. Hope it spreads.

  10. I think she could wear a paper bag and make it look chic! LOVE HER!!


  11. CaliforniaCandy

    I love menswear, especially when it is fitted and sexy like Leighton is wearing it…

    GIVEAWAY: Patricia Field Leather Glovettes & Chain Vest Necklace!


  12. Love the outfit, I’m going to have to turn her into illustration 🙂

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