Magical? Or just messy?

Ladies, I need your opinions on this one…..

SJP in black Vivienne Westwood dress, black blazer,  decorated clutch and ……………….baby blue (yes BABY blue!) Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

What’s it to be – A or B:

A) Fabulous ‘Carrie’ esq style – bold, brave and gloriously stylish.


B) Perfect for a Harry Potter premiere (and nothing more glamorous than that) and only fit to be seen by the eyes of children. Someone needs to wave a wand and fix this quick smart.

Personally, I am firmly in court B – sorry SJP! I salute your individualism but this is a step, make that a leap, too far for me. Even in the name of fashion.



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4 responses to “Magical? Or just messy?

  1. Messy! As I scrolled down the top half was beautiful then it turned frumpy. Bad shoes here SJP!

  2. Actually, since it’s Harry Potter, I think she was trying to keep with the theme. I hate the bag, but the rest I think is fun. 🙂

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