Really Renee?

Personally I just can’t get over quite how tight this dress is!! I mean, is she actually still breathing?  One size bigger and I think this would have been really striking, but this shouts “I was sent across free by the designer so you must wear me at whatever cost” And doesn’t she just look super uncomfortable in those shoes. Renee, I am disappointed.



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7 responses to “Really Renee?

  1. Oh Hollywood could make a stick thin woman look like she’s carrying extra weight. This is so wrong for her.

  2. whattt was she thinking i wonder??

  3. It’s too bad as it is a beautiful dress. She didn’t give it a chance to shine.

  4. Gramercy boutique

    How can she even move?! Very unfortunate…

  5. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Unfortunate indeed. And I imagine very uncomfortable! Shame Renee…..

  6. CinZilicious

    for realz! this is tooooooo much! she shud just stand there and pretend to be a mannequin, lol


  7. Looks really uncomfortable, in all possible ways! I’m disappointed too (even though she’s never been a style icon), but mostly I feel sorry for her=/

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