Sheer perfection?

Have you noticed the trend towards all things sheer?  For me, there is a time and a place, and indeed an outfit that can make it work beautifully, BUT there are also certainly times when this just.doesn’!

A Wednesday morning review………..

Here, Marchesa pulls it off with this unusual and slightly vampy number that Julianne Hough is wearing:

And, as ever, Rihanna sets her own rules and makes this risky Ellie Saab look stunning:

And of course Heidi can pull of nearly anything:

But Jennifer, hmmm, not so much:

And Florence Welch is almost upsetting in this disastrous choice:

And even Amanda Peet in trusty Marc Jacobs fails on this trend for me:

So, in summary? This is most definitely a trend to be worn with much care…………!



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8 responses to “Sheer perfection?

  1. Poor Amanda Peet, that’s just a sloppy mess. Like Rihanna and Heidi’s look a lot (didn’t know she had that arm tattoo). I also like JLo’s dress but I think she’s standing weird.

  2. They are all beautiful! The first is my fav though and none are too much to me!

  3. I think they all look gorgeous except the last two…total disaster!!

  4. M

    i am SO into sheer right now!

  5. I love sheer, but I don’t really like Heidi’s dress=/

  6. CinZilicious

    Love Rihanna’s dress!! For once, she looks okay-ly normal, haha


  7. Rihanna’s and JLo’s dresses are cute, but the others mwah….

    Indeed a trend to be worn carefully!

    Le Choix Trois

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