Who is Patrizia Pepe?

I have never heard of Patrizia Pepe before but this campaign caught my eye and made me take notice.  I really like it. A little odd perhaps but also playfully different.

Stunning shoes, fabulous fabrics and an interesting mix of styles.  Loving their take on the trench coat and also their twist on the chunky winter knit. See what you think. Intriguing, very intriguing…….

Check out the website too http://www.patriziapepe.com – some great designs on there for Fall/Winter 2010.



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6 responses to “Who is Patrizia Pepe?

  1. Never heard of this label either but the campaign is really interesting!

  2. those are very interesting! makes you pay attention to the clothes 🙂

  3. what?! I looove Patrizia Pepe, and i have so many pieces from her collection! You should really (really) get yourself something=)

  4. True, they do put the focus on the clothes. Cool ad and beautiful clothes!

  5. M

    SUCH a cool campaign!!!

  6. I love that they’re telling us that anybody can wear the clothes, you don’t have to look like model X. Fab!

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