Trend spotting

Trends spotted so far for Autumn/Winter 2010:

  1. Tuxedo Jackets with Feminine Flare
  2. Military Style (Cargo pants, tapered khaki’s and military jackets are all the rage. I hate this trend!)
  3. Perfectly Plaid Shirts (plaid is back, really? Yes, really :()
  4. Fun and Funky Nails aka nail art – an excuse to go back to your childhood fascination with bright colours, patterns and fluorescents – all in the name of fashion.
  5. Bold and Bright Makeup Colours and Tones (Nothing is subtle this season. Be brave.)
  6. Vintage Floral Jewelry (Not my style personally although the over sized ring trend is one I could adapt to quite happily)
  7. Sexy Lace-up Booties (again, so not for me but it seems another season on and these are still popular.)
  8. Bold Belted Trench Coats (if there’s one piece to invest in, its one of these)
  9. Jewels Galore (Emeralds, rubies, amethysts and sapphires are the inspiration for the colors on the runway.I am not complaining on this trend!)
  10. Animal Prints, Animal Prints, Animal Prints. Everywhere!

Did I miss any? Let me know what you think and which reach your ‘must buy’ list…..



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6 responses to “Trend spotting

  1. Plaid is definitely on my ‘buy’ list. A grown up, dressed up version though.

  2. Agree with a lot of them! I thought the biggest trend for this season was the lady-like glamour of the 1950s. We saw it at Louis Vuitton and Prada.

  3. CinZilicious

    The camel coat defo deserves to be on this list:D im still looking for one myself,hehe…and animal print, yes pls! its my fave!!!

    Great list indeed RUC! Enjoy ur wkend^___^


  4. I say thigh-high socks have been EVERYWHERE lately!! But these is a really good list. It’s so true, animal print is truly on everything. I saw a girl wearing a leopard print jacket, wearing leopard print shoes, buying a leopard print dress. It was quite a sight. 😛

  5. M

    think you got all the BEST ones 🙂


  6. my favourites are trench coats (so timeless) and jewels galore!! 🙂

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