Word is that Jake Gyllenhaal is dating Taylor Swift but personally  having seen this cover, my personal opinion is that he should be choosing his recent co star  Anne Hathaway instead! Just how fabulous is this cover shot? Appearingly natural and very sexy indeed – the perfect couple? They’d certainly give Brangelina a run for their money!



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5 responses to “Rumours….

  1. CaliforniaCandy

    They look really cute together… I recently saw them do an interview together and there is for sure chemistry there!

  2. So cute and sexy together!

  3. M

    hadn’t heard that rumor yet! I love anne hathaway although not sure if ill make it to see this movie :/

  4. I know they look pretty cozy don’t they. I hope he’s not dating Taylor cuz you know next year there’s gonna be some cry baby song about him wronging her on the country stations.

  5. Ahem, I’ll just say it: get away from Taylor!! Seriously, Anne is a much better person for him.

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