All wrapped up in a bow….

Bows. They are everywhere. In hair, in fashion and most definitely in store.

As Christmas approaches, surely that’s an excuse to indulge in the bow trend even more?  This new necklace from Kate Spade is just too cute and, quite simply, should be purchased as far as I am concerned. Simple, chic and a little unique. This would go with nearly every Christmas outfit surely? PLUS look at that gorgeous packaging!

My favourite bow accessory to date (and they are a fair few out there!) The perfect gift? Let me know if you’ve seen any others I should review first….



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3 responses to “All wrapped up in a bow….

  1. Just the packaging would wow me! Very cute.

  2. I feel the same as cupcake. Just for the box I would buy it! Cute necklace!

    Le Choix Trois

  3. Nice packaging indeed! I love bows! So feminine…and it reminds me of christmas!

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