Projecting the future…..

Is this the future of fashion marketing? To celebrate 10 years of digital innovation, Ralph Lauren showed off the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology last week on Madison Avenue, NYC and Bond Street, London. The store melted away before the audience’s eyes and was transformed into a stunning selection of ‘Lauren’s recent collection. Certainly this would wow if you had been in the audience, and I just love the 4D cat walk opening. The future of things to come? I hope so!



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6 responses to “Projecting the future…..

  1. This is the future of fashion! Very cool.

  2. really, really cool, and awesome. definitely taking fashion up a notch. x

  3. Clare

    RL is always blowing everyone mind with their innovation. This is def. no exception

  4. great video! thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

    keep in touch.xx

  5. It’s amazing! If this is the future of fashion, count me in!! xoxoxoxoo

  6. It was such an amazing show. I was speechless. It’s a great way of presenting a collection/an idea.

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