Dotty about vintage

Eva Mendes ticks all the boxes in this vintage Lancetti dress with stunning Louboutin heels. Perfect polka dots and simple stand out shoes. Adore this outfit. Your thoughts?



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6 responses to “Dotty about vintage

  1. I love polka dots, they’re such a pretty way to make an outfit more interesting. I’m so making my next sewing project with some sort of dotted material.

  2. Polka dots are a great way to add visual interest to a otherwise simple outfit. Nice!

  3. I agree this is superb! I love simple, chic.

  4. Breath-taking! One can never go wrong with polka dots, its a classic print.

  5. M

    She’s just so beautiful and could look great in ANYTHING.


  6. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    So pleased you all agree! And yes M, you are right, she could pull off nearly everything, what a beautiful lady…..

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