The Beautiful and the Bold.

That was the name of David Bromleys recent collection on show in Hong Kong. Bromley is an Australian artist who paints huge vibrant canvases that capture women, and your imagination, in a bold, brave and pop-art style. He has two major styles and the one I was totally wowed by was his female nudes. Beautiful and arresting women seen in film and magazines around the world. The first image below is by far my favourite, in fact I would love to frame it…….and perhaps….I will!  Another moment of beauty to distract your day………

Sneak a peak at his website for further beautiful distractions. I love the homepage image.



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3 responses to “The Beautiful and the Bold.

  1. aww very inspiring drawings…love it!!!


  2. Very cool! He likes breasts I think – haha!!

  3. These are STUNNING!
    I especially like the first two. Very talented artist.
    Thanks for stopping by xo

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