Stormy chic

Burberry is taking a distinctly British approach to  their new ‘Winter Storms’ collection. The sassy, rocker and military chic capsule collection couldn’t be from any collection other than the London one! Note the unmistakably English ‘alternative’ pop music, English street style skinny guy with trendy haircut and equally skinny jeans (NOT my look at all!!) and tartan scarves throughout!

Not sure why she needs sunglasses in the very grey looking snow, but she is otherwise showcasing some fabulous bags and shoes, and it has to be said, this campaign is certainly making the winter seem infinitely more chic and desirable than is really is. Keep it up Burberry I say!



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18 responses to “Stormy chic

  1. CinZilicious

    loving it!!! so christmasy:) Funny enough, i was thinkin if i shud post this last nite, lol….but yeh,i can already feeel xmas even tho its still a month away! lol

    and gosh, love the pics!!!:D


  2. M

    i am DYING for a burberry shearling coat!!! ugh!

  3. I love Burberry and their ads are always great and mood-evoking!
    Thanks for visiting!!

  4. I love it!! Burberry is fabulous. And yes i agree with you on the whole sunglasses thing. Not sure either.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. If I had that outfit, I would be praying for a winter storm. I love it! I love your blog. Definitely adding it to my blog roll.

  6. ciaraLE

    I love that scarf…I often wonder if pairing it with denim and some unwanted biker boots would be too out of the picture?

    …. I think I might.


  7. Agree!! Always a fan of Burberry (I wore their scent for years) it feels like modern preppy.

  8. Haha, not my favourite look for men either, but I still love Burberry for their trenches! Love the snow in the first photo.

  9. I wonder if the videographer had forbidden them to close their mouth 😉

    I desperately need those shearling boots by Burberry!

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  10. great collection! Love this brand ! xoxo

  11. thanks for the blog comments my dear…
    is following you now!!!


  12. Clare

    I love all the Burberry ads they are chic and timeless and never too overtly sexual. I love them!

  13. maryn

    burberry is very sofiscated, so chic! thanks for ur comment, come to see my new post!

  14. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Thanks so much for all your comments! So so thrilled to see you all here 🙂 🙂

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