Take a look…

……at Zara’s new Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign shots. Chunky knits, stylised jackets and relaxed oversized jumpers make this selection all about comfort as well as style. Don’t these just make you want to slip into winter already, grab a pair of boots and head into the cold?!




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21 responses to “Take a look…

  1. I’m loving these shots, I wish I could spend my entire paycheck on Zara clothes!

  2. This beige sweater is so nice 🙂
    I will be looknig for this or similar.

  3. Cable knits and camel capes 😉 As much as I love summer weather, I adore winter fashion… I don’t usually go to Zara but this makes me think I should try…


  4. ohhhh I love zara so much!!!

  5. irina

    thanks for lovely comment! your blog looks great!

  6. Oooh, that first sweater!!!

  7. I love the first look…very cute and I also like the trench…great pieces!


  8. thank you for commenting! twice! my fave pic is the one with jeans and the chunky camel colored sweater.


  9. loving the first piece a lot. It’s beyond gorgeous.


  10. Not much makes me want to go out in the cold…but if I must – I might as well look cute while I’m freezing!


  11. I just saw the advertisement yesterday! You beat me to the punch! I don’t think I could be even more in love with Zara.

  12. CinZilicious

    love the camel colored cape/coat:D



  13. Such classics for fall. Thanks for the note.

  14. Isabella

    I totally agree with you! Love that campaign!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, hope you’ll follow me.

    Keep in touch

  15. Gorgeous clothes. They do say colder weather forces you to have more style, and these shots definitely prove that.

  16. Ah Zara…never fails to give us some good pieces! Love the camel coat.


  17. the bell sleeved jacket is my fave!

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