“So” 2009

This is Bottega Veneta’s ad campaign from 2009 for their Cruise collection. So, and I apologise in advance, obviously this is not new news, but its the first time I had seen the campaign and I love the styling of the shots. Simple, sophisticated and understated, I think it does wonders for the brand.  I think its the strong, clean lines of the clothes and background that really make them pop. And I adore the model they have chosen, there is such a natural beauty to her.

I haven’t’ seen anything since from them that quite impresses me like these do.



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3 responses to ““So” 2009

  1. Love it! Gorgeous!
    Please check out/follow my blog! I spotted your comment on Fashion Tarts-a post about me! Thanks for it.


  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Hi Meera, I shall follow you with pleasure 🙂 Looking forward to blogging with you!

  3. Love the simplicity. I have a post in progress about a somewhat old ad campaign too! We seem to think alike when we post! First the red Lanvin dress, then the socks with heels trend, and now this! 🙂


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