Lets have tea!

Afternoon tea used to be an established event in any ladies diary and I feel that now we do it far too infrequently! Plus if tea looks like this (below) can you think of any possible excuse why not?!

Designer inspired tea at ‘Pret a Portea’ at The Berkeley in London. Valentino Coat styled biscuits, Christian Louboutin inspired biscuits, Smythson Bag cakes, Alexander Mcqueen Fromage Blanc, YSL honeycomb and Christian Dior mousse. What more could you possibly want at 4pm in the afternoon?

(Except of course also having the real things next to your tea table in lovely big bags, ready to take home and wear that night out in London!)

Via: http://www.a212.com/


P.S I just discovered, after posting, that one of my favourite blogs also posted about this cafe this week too! A coincidence that made me smile and she has a great video. Check it out here: http://www.thefacelessblog.com/2010/10/london-fashion-cafe-pret-portea.html



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14 responses to “Lets have tea!

  1. thanku so much for commenting on my blog! means a lot!

    u lucky duck u get to try out this cafe!!

    plz do a blog post abt how u found it and let me noee!!

    this is where private jets come in handy,lol

    keep in touch. xx


  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    You are very welcome! I am still so impressed we posted the same cafe love in the same week. We must share the fashion + sweet passions! I’ll tell you all after my visit! 🙂


  3. how cute is this??just adorable!

  4. Fashion Me Chic

    If I can have them for the, then yes. I love my tea time during the long months of winter.

  5. This place looks so cute! I love having afternoon tea. I’ve been to a few bridal showers that were teas, which was such a fun idea. I’d love to have my girlfriends over for tea and cookies soon. Thanks for the idea!


  6. When do we meet? I’ve been using these pictures in quite a few moodboards (for clients), hoping somebody would pick up the hint and fly me to London for some nice tea (as an inspiration trip 😉 ). Love the idea of bags full of fresh clothes and shoes standing next to the table, when we’re there!

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  7. Love this post – I want an proper lady-like afternoon tea now!

  8. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ah ladies, so fabulous to see all those tea lovers on my blog! Fingers crossed for trips to London to experience it in person! 😉


  9. Too cute to eat! Haha, love how all fashionistas think alike…


  10. Too cute to eat! Haha, love how all fashionistas think alike…


  11. Yummy I want to savour these beautiful cakes !

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