Pie eyed?

So I often write about fashion and beauty trends but today, I am announcing the ‘hot of the press’ foodie trend for 2011 which is apparently the return of the pie! Rumored to rival the cupcake store in 2011 the pie is the new kid on the block!

From banana cream pies, lemon meringues or pumpkin it looks like we shall all need to either get baking OR (and this is my preference!) find a really great bakery that can stock us up for bridal showers, diner parties and evening soirée’s for 2011! But its not just sweet pies either, good old meat pies, bite-sized pies, Greek cheese pies, shepherd pie – you name it and it’ll be on the menu. Apparently we’ll even see them whisked into milkshakes – although thats one type of pie I’d happily give a miss!

So, in order to keep up with the trend I thought I’d find, as always, a very easy and quick way for all us trendy ladies to impress this autumn with perfect home cooked food. Quick Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Simple and delicious. Happy baking!


  • 4 cooked chicken breast fillets, chopped into chunks, or the meat from a roasted chicken, taken from the bone and roughly shredded
  • 100 g button mushrooms, halved
  • 600 ml tinned/fresh Mushroom soup
  • 50 g parsley, chopped
  • freshly ground salt and black pepper
  • 375 g ready-to-roll puff pastry
  • eggs, beaten for glazing


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas 4.

2. Place the chicken and mushrooms in an ovenproof serving dish. Add in the mushroom soup and chopped parsley and season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

3. Cover the chicken with the pastry, trimming the edges and pinching the pastry onto the dish.

4. Brush the pie with beaten egg and bake for 20 minutes until golden brown. Serve hot from the oven

Recipe via: UKTVfood.


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One response to “Pie eyed?

  1. Mmmmmm pie! I like this new trend – easier to justify than cupcakes.

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