Madonna goes Italian

This is the new Dolce and Gabbana Autumn 10/11 campaign featuring Madonna.  Although I like the photography and find the approach of showing an entire Italian family unit compelling (it certainly stands out from the other high fashion Autumn campaigns), I can’t help feel they got the casting wrong. To me, Madonna simply doesn’t fit here. She may be from Italian-American descent but somehow in these shots her pale pallor and  platinum hair makes her look more like a long lost aunt than a family member. It just clashes a bit.

From the family portrait to the meal at the table, the images certainly show a new direction for the Italian luxury brand – chic certainly, but not my favourite from D&G.  On the plus side, they do make you look twice.

What do you think?

P.S My favourite would be the dancing one if any…….



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13 responses to “Madonna goes Italian

  1. I didn’t know she was Italian descent! I do think that anything involving Madonna would be provocative so it’s a good from a marketing perspective but you’re right; it just doesn’t look right. I prefer their other ads. xoxoxoxoo

  2. Madonna adds the touch of glamour associated with the Italians, she adds the sexiness needed to make this campaign stand out and the contradiction between a. Madonna and her surroundings and b. the sexy glam ensemble (still not loving the animal print…) and motherhood is managed perfectly.

    This is one of my favourite campaigns from Dolce & Gabbana. The photo with baby is by far my favourite.

  3. I luv Madonna; however, she’s 50 and she’s trying to pass as 30something. Granted she looks good when she’s airbrushed (we all saw the non-airbrush version?). There’s something strong and empowering about a woman who accepts herself and her age and stage of life. I’m not seeing that here with her.

  4. I think these are really tasteful. I love them.

  5. CinZilicious

    i’m a big fan of Madonna but i gotta say, i’m not really likin these for some reason. But without a doubt, she still looks sexy as ever and at that age, i dont think just anybody can pull it off.

    i think my fave is the one with the baby and the one where she’s dancing:)



  6. CaliforniaCandy

    I agree, not the best ad campaign, didn’t she wear this stuff in the 80’s?

  7. Abi

    I see what you mean about the aunt thing. The blond hair definitely has her sticking out a little. Perhaps that was intended.

    I love the black and white imagery and the concept of a family gathering! I love the dancing photo

  8. I like these photos inspired by 60’s italian cinéma, but Mado made to much surgery and her face begin to be “pillow face” and scary.

  9. I love these images. Maybe because I just want to wear all those clothes and do all those things…lol. If only.

  10. I love Madonna, but they photoshop her until she isn’t recognisable anymore. She’s aged, either embrace it or don’t use her. The ads are pretty though.

  11. Agreed, the photography is immaculate but she does look a bit out of place.


  12. I agree she does look a bit out of place, but I think that’s what makes her stand out in the ads, and she looks gorgeous in them anyways. Beautiful, classic styling.

  13. Fashion Me Chic

    Madonna still got it. She is not going anywhere. These Gucci ads look very nice!

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