Now this is Winter fashion

At its best. Roberto Cavalli has chosen the fabulously beautiful Gisele for their Fall/Winter 2010 campaign. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott these shots are totally wow. Bold, striking and so dramatic they make you want to almost touch the page.  Details, prints and furs standout as does the vintage styling and I just love the setting and back drop. What a beautiful use of flames.

A campaign to remember… how much do I need to save up……???



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21 responses to “Now this is Winter fashion

  1. thanku so much for commenting on my blog!

    these pics are absolutely gorge!…. this is y she’s a supermodel!

    hope to hear more from you soon!.. feel free to follow me on bloglovin!

    keep in touch. xx

  2. absolutelt gorgeous campaign!
    love the prints on the collection


  3. The pics look fallish and kinda haunting too! Beautiful clothes!

  4. beautiful!!!


  5. She’s stunning!
    Those pictures are great.
    have a lovely weekend

  6. Gisele looks so stunning in the picture with the white dress. And she’s only just recently had a baby! What an amazing figure…

  7. Ah wow, your right, amazing collection!:)

  8. CaliforniaCandy

    So dramatic, I love the flames in the background!

  9. Yes Gisele! Love seeing her model more. She’s already gorgeous, and now she’s sporting Cavalli! Can’t get any hotter than that.

  10. Gisele is amazing! I love all of these looks xx

  11. CinZilicious

    Beautiful!!!!!!and Gisele as always, is gorgeous and lovely:)

    Cant wait til i can buy my winter outfits, yeah its freakin 26 degrees celcius over here….ughhhh


  12. Le Choix Trois

    These clothes could be sooooo wrong seen on the street! I love the last pic. Adore those leggings. Scary, non?

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?


    thanks for comment… feel free to visit me.

  14. This campaign is amazing. But really, no one can rock it like Gisele.

  15. I love Roberto Cavalli and Gisele is bringing the campaign to life. She knows how to sell.

  16. such a beautiful campaign – I love how glamorous it is.. kinda reminds me of james bond too?

  17. wow love these!
    Always enjoy seeing what you post on your
    blog!! xx

    : )

  18. Has everybody gone mad?! These clothes are so unbelievably ugly. Oh my goodness, my eyes are angry at me for the trauma caused! Don’t like Roberto Cavalli’s designs at all.

    Gisele, who is definitely one of my least favourite models, looks amazing. There is something rather epic about the photography, which I really like.

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