Moleskin charm

Another day, another iphone accessory on the market!!

But this one is my favourite by far. ‘The Little Black Book’ iphone case oozes old fashioned charm and understated style. When I eventually get the iphone, this will be in the post.




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6 responses to “Moleskin charm

  1. I use those lovely moleskin notebooks and diaries, and totally agree with you. I haven’t got around to getting an iPhone but if/when I do, this is an accessory worth investing in.

    You always introduce me to something new; it’s a unique quality of your blog. Merci : )

  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Milla, thank you very much and you are very welcome! That is the kindest comment. Now I am smiling. 🙂 🙂

    I use moleskins too – a handbag staple in fact.

  3. Uhhhh I have an iPhone and I want one of these now!
    How cute, I hope it fits the 3gs as well…. :o)
    ❤ Nicole Lisa

  4. CinZilicious

    wow! loving that iphone case!!! I would so get that if i do buy the iphone, still thinkin if i should buy it as i just lost my mobile and usin my mom’s super old age samsung one instead, haha


  5. Now this is how you make your iPhone an item of luxury!

  6. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ohh Cinz, from what I hear you should definitely get the iphone if you need a new phone. Apparently you’ll never look back (and imagine how easy blogging will be on the go!)

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