Lady in red

Now, I know you have probably all seen this dress on countless other blogs but……..

I adore this Lanvin dress…….

So just wanted to put it up.

Karlie Kloss is in  full swing wearing it.

Red dress perfection. Soft, feminine and stunning.

Now, whatever occasion could one wear it to???



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17 responses to “Lady in red

  1. thanku so much for commenting on my blog!
    this dress is absolutely gorgeous! 1 of my fave collections for this S/S 2011 season for sure!

    hope to hear more from u soon!

    keep in touch. xx

  2. Beautiful. I’m never quite sure about dresses with splits but this is amazing. I love the way the shade of red changes at the waist, so your attention is to both the top and the bottom of the dress. As for the occasion, I’d wear it round my flat if I owned it 😉

  3. This dress is stunning, where I would wear it I have no idea….

  4. To a wedding of course! Where you would show up late, slowly walk to the front of the church and show up the bride. Non?

  5. I had not seen this dress! It’s beautiful, I love the elegance of the full skirt but the edgy directional effect the pleats, split in the skirt, belt and one-shoulder has on the piece…

  6. there is always something so chic and gorgeous about a red dress.

    xo I am a new follower!

  7. californiacandy

    Gorgeous, I would wear this to the grocery store!

  8. Maybe to a formal holiday party? Everything about this dress is stunning. I’m especially loving the color!

  9. Oh wow the dress is absolutely stunning, i love it, so flowy!

  10. Haha! I was waiting for you to post about this dress like you said you would. I haven’t seen this particular photo though; the angle is different. Gorgeous dress!

    Hmm…considering the answers before me, I’d wear this dress mopping the floor. A woman’s got to look glamourous, no matter what she’s doing! (Haha, no, maybe to my prom).

  11. This dress is absolute perfection. Wear it to buy the groceries! Or more sensibly, throw a huge dinner party and tell everyone to come in black tie, just to wear it. Upon re-reading, I can’t believe that’s my sensible option, lol.

  12. Clare

    Oh wowie wow! Now THIS is how you wear red! WOOOOW!

  13. Clare

    Oh wowie wow! Now THIS is how you wear red! WOOOOW!

  14. CinZilicious

    im loving it, loving it, LOVING IT!!! LOL….

    i adore the Lanvin collection as u have seen on my post in the past:) love the soft wavy look to it and oh the colors!!!

    As to when i would wear this? Hm, i’ve got a wedding to attend to in 2 weeks time but then i wouldnt wanna steal the bride’s spot light, lol…nah….back to reality! i think i would arrange for a fancy dinner outing with the BF and get him all flabbergasted with the RED Dress and me of cuz, lol….sounds like a plan? now all i need is the darn dress 😉


  15. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    SO much love for the red dress!! Thank you all so much for your comments. They are fantastic.

    Loving the suggestions – I agree, if I had this dress I would have to make my own occasions just to wear it. And of course, may just pop it on at home to impress any impromptu visitors!!

    Sigh, all for the love of a very red dress……

    R-U-C x

  16. I love Lanvin. Big time. Lovely dress big time.
    Best regards,
    Fashion Ranger

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