Not so perfect print

So, earlier this week I featured my favourite TV campaign of the moment, the new Chloe Love ad. I have just seen the print to go with it and although on first look it is equally stunning with just as much eye catching glamour as the TV, there is one fatal flaw……they accidental featured a belt by Yves Saint Laurent!!

Otherwise head to toe in fabulous Chloe pieces just like the film, the stylist was way off the mark when it came to the belt. I am sure she is in big trouble now – especially because these shots are on huge billboards across the world. One very BIG mistake!



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4 responses to “Not so perfect print

  1. Juicy fashion stories never seem to bore me!

    Big bisous!

  2. Haha! Quite an interesting piece of fashion gossip. Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous ad!

  3. wow! i am sure the stylist wants to crawl under a rock and hide. ha ha.

  4. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Its always good to share a little harmless gossip every now and then. 🙂 He he he…..

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