Lavender love

Once a plant and colour associated with the elderly only (!!), Lavender has been making a come back in 2010 (spotted on eyes, lips, catwalks) but I have to say lavender has been a part of my life always. Something my sister and I were brought up on, we were always surrounded by lavendar plants and oils and creams – scenting, soothing and healing our childhood.

So when I saw the recipe for Lavender Lemonade I just had to pass it on and share the love for this fabulously pretty and gorgeously fragranced plant. For all my readers in the Southern Hemisphere and still in the sunshine, this is one for the weekend. Pretty, fresh and something a little bit different. Enjoy!

How to:

* 2 cups sugar
* 5 sprigs lavender (stems and buds), plus additional for garnish
* 2 cups fresh lemon juice (from about 10 lemons)
* 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (from about 4 limes)

In a large saucepan, bring one gallon of water and the sugar to a boil.

Remove from heat; add 7 lavender sprigs and lemon and lime juices.

Cool to room temperature, strain, and chill.

Serve on ice, with additional lavender for garnish.



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5 responses to “Lavender love

  1. Bookmarked and ready to make next summer. Sounds divine. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Amazing 🙂 I will def have to try it! thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  3. Not only does it sound delicious, it looks amazing! I’d do anything for a sip of that!

  4. I am SOOO gonna have to try this!!! I have a true lavender obsession. I can’t get enough soap, lotion, perfume, oil, etc. and even had it as a main feature in my wedding (and of course I’m obsessed with the color as well). Very excited to try making this!! I have a bunch of buds I bet I could use for this already.

  5. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Love all your passion for lavender. I’ll test it out and let you all know!

    P.S @ Jenarcissist- am so pleased to find another lavender lover and what a great idea to have it at your wedding, scenting your special day as well as looking lovely!

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