Unnecessarily impossible to wear……

…..yet beautiful to look at. Probably best seen on ‘display’ versus on foot, and I certainly wouldn’t like to be asked to wear these down a catwalk, but just check out those stunning heels. Another occasion when the shoe literally become a work of art.  Designed by Anastasia Radevich for her Biofuture Shoes collection in 2010.




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4 responses to “Unnecessarily impossible to wear……

  1. wow superb shoes! I love the fact that many designers go beyond the ordinary designs and trying new things! Impossible to wear but i love them! Amazing post! Justyna

  2. I love it when shoes become more than shoes! These are somewhat wearable…if you walked extremely slowly and carefully. But anyway, stunning!


  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    He he…..yes extremely slowly and carefully and ideally inside where there are no lumps, bumps or pavement cracks!! 🙂

  4. AAHHHH!!! Her pants scare me!!! lol They look like she’s an alien with a body part that suddenly decided to start growing out from her. It’s like a straight jacket for legs!! hahaha

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