Love Chloe. Chloe Love.

I caught this new Chloe Love ad over the weekend and just really loved the film. Just launched, it stars the model Raquel Zimmermann and she looks nothing but totally fabulous. Her hair is gorgeous and her silky, understated outfits are all in the enviable and stunning golden tones of Autumn. The whole thing portrays pure glamour  and she looks oh so fashionable jetting around in that fabulous vintage Mercedes convertible! If only I lived in her flat in that neighborhood with that car! Sigh.

I love that unlike so many fragrance commercials, she actually smiles throughout and has such a warm glow to her character. Overall this ad gets thumbs up from me. Great job by the director Roman Coppola.



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11 responses to “Love Chloe. Chloe Love.

  1. CaliforniaCandy

    Very classy and the perfume actually smells good!

  2. I love how confident she is throughout the entire clip! gorgeous

  3. I love the ad, but it reminds me the Miss Dior by Sofia Coppola.

  4. Chloe is marketing perfection!

  5. Yep it really is marketing perfection. Want want want! Here I am again…did you read/ hear about the billboard blunder? Raquel is wearing an YSL belt instead of a Chloe one in the advert. Or so the story goes. Can’t believe there’s nobody from the company around when the hired stylist is dressing the model!

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  6. Chloe is always beautiful. I like your choice of title.

  7. Clare

    Chloe makes amazing fragrances! This is a wonderful campaign

  8. Love LOVE the convertible and I can’t get enough of the camel colored palette throughout the entire commercial. Watched it a few times!

  9. CinZilicious

    I love this Chloe tv commercial!!! It’s so carefree, so lady like, so chloe:) Loving the camel toned setting too.

    My bf actually got me a Chloe perfume last yr, i forgot the name but the bottle has ridged edges and with a ribbon tied around the perfume cap. I absolutely adore that perfume, i like it more than Chloe Love, but then thats just me! =)


  10. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ah ladies, I so love it when you are all as passionate as me!! Indeed marketing perfection sums it up exactly. One for others to aspire to.

    P.S @ Le Choix Trois – Yes I heard! I am planning on posting it on here today or tomorrow actually as a follow up. Can you believe it!!

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