Back on top?

Amy Winehouse is looking a world apart from the images of her in early 2010 in the November issue of American Harpers Bazaar. Back on top of her game perhaps. With talent like hers it would be a shame to waste it. The interview is online and worth a read and apparently she’s about to launch a line with Fred Perry – which will be interesting given her previous style choices!

When asked about her style she says she likes Chanel and then goes on to give this thoroughly weird and typically controversial answer  “I just dress like … I’m an old black man. Sorry!” she says. “Like I’m an old Jewish black man. I just dress like it’s still the ’50s.” Loving Harpers Bazaar for putting her back on the map this Autumn.



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17 responses to “Back on top?

  1. hola!antes de nada muchas gracias por tus comentarios, espero que vuelvas pronto, actualizo practicamente a diario:)
    he estado echando un vistazo y me encanta tu blog!xx

    • The Red Umbrella Chronicles

      Por nada. Tambien me gustaba mucho tu blog y volvere prontito! Gracias por visitarme aqui y espero que nos visitamos mucho en el futuro!
      Chau 🙂

  2. When cleaned up, Amy Winehouse looks always looks stunning!


  3. Poor Amy, as you said, it is nice to see her back. I hope she stays away from drugs because she is indeed very talented. I love her voice and her old soul.

    I am waiting for my BH issue to come. I subscribed to it lsat week. I cannot wait to read more about her.

  4. great post! and thanks for stopping by my blog, your blog looks great!

  5. Hello, darling, just stopped by to see your lovely blog as I’ve never visited before (& love it!) and to say thank you for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment on the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection blog. I’m Sandy, the artist that created the card line and blog. Don’t know how much you read about the blog while you were there, but there are eight girlfriends that star in the card line and each Monday post is by one of them. Alex left a little note for you next to your comment ~ a little something for you to look at next time you stop by 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Silvia

    I love Amy Winehouse, I’m curious about this new line… hmmm

  7. CinZilicious

    i cant believe thats her ! she looks so transformed in a good way! hope she stays that way too:)


  8. love Amy winehouse and hope she stays clean and you’re right her talent shouldn’t go waisted….. awesome blog definitely coming back for more and thanks for the comment on my blog

  9. Wow! She looks so different in those first two photos! A lot softer…

  10. Wow she looks really good. I hope she stays that way!

  11. I am a huge fan! Love her voice… brilliant!

  12. She looks better but it would suggest by the article that it is the same old her. Too bad!!

  13. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Thanks everyone for your comments. So thrilled to see you all here. Hope to chat more soon 🙂 Happy weekend!!

  14. The Fred Perry line has been launched in Europe already (or at least the press images have been around for a while now). It’s quite cute! I read somehere though that Amy was slurring and walked unsteadily after drinking wine on the set. One thing I know for sure, she looks great in these photos and I want the HB issue (also featuring Christina Hendricks & Michelle Obama).

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  15. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    @ Le Choix Trois – ooh really?! Thanks! I’ll look them up and maybe share a few here too….shame you heard the same old stories about Amy on set, perhaps a full recovery is too much to expect, such a shame. 😦 😦

  16. Amazing photo shoot! Finally she is back! She is talented girl who lost in a big world! Go Amy! Justyna

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