So its not just her outfits that prove Lady Gaga is out to do things differently.

Now this is not new, but it is new to me as I missed it some time ago. Its Gaga’s feature length video of ‘Telephone’ with Beyonce, (that isn’t allowed to be shown on MTV as they won’t show it due to its provocative content) it is 10 minutes long but worth the watch.  A standard music video this is not. An explicit, banned, very sexy fashion frenzy it is.

Prepare for kissing, poisoning, nudity, yellow hair, amazing, crazy outfits (Armani, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen), insane accessories (smoking glasses anyone?) crazy platform shoes, very sexy dancing and a whole lot of explicit content. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly for the fashion minded………however you have been warned!



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4 responses to “Gaga-mazing

  1. CinZilicious

    love this song! it’s madness!!! i couldnt get enough of it back then. i still listen to it tho but not as excessively, lol

    and yes, sexy fierce fashion styles indeed!!!


  2. WoW! I’m going to her concert this Saturday. I bet it will be a show…

  3. One crazy music video! A bit long, but interesting. The fashion is way out there as well.

  4. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    @ The Fashion Economist – wow, very envious, hope it was fabulous?! Would love to hear your review…!

    @ Stylista – totally agree, a little over the top in length but still had me glues to the screen due to its craziness and fun storytelling!

    @ Cinz – me too – still listening now. Tuuuuuune!

    Hope to speak again soon everyone!! 🙂

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