Dress envy

Every time the re is a big awards do I spend ages flicking through the dresses that made me go ‘oooh’. Here’s my top 5 from this summers Emmy’s – hollwood glamour at its best………




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3 responses to “Dress envy

  1. CinZilicious

    Drew and Jennifer’s dresses look sooo pretty!!!!! i love flowy big dresses, its so princessy, lol and the color is just gorg!!!!

    btw, i added u to my blogroll. Hope you’ll add me back and follow my updates! =D



  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Hi Cinz, my favourite is also Jennifer’s, so floaty and feminine and I love the summery shade.

    Would love you to add me to your blogroll and I’ll certainly add yours to mine. I have been following yours already – love your work!


  3. Drew looks like a princess. Oscar de la Renta?

    Wouldn’t life be great if you could just run around town in such attire? I live in hope.

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