Too much of a GAP?

The very controversial new GAP logo.

Just too different? Or a refreshing new look for the brand?

Certainly more modern and stylish but somehow I feel a little lost when looking at the new one……..



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3 responses to “Too much of a GAP?

  1. I don’t like it.
    If they were going to re-invent themselves they should probably have gone with a logo that doesn’t say Y2K (which this does for me), a bit late isn’t it.
    Ok so this has bothered me and I guess I needed to rant about it more than I thought.
    I actually like GAP, I think they have some great basics and once in a while a great find, so it bothers me that they would ruin a well know, “less” time constricted logo to seem more “modern”.
    /rant end/ Sorry about that!
    I hope you had a nice weekend with loads of fun.

  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Loved your response Nicole. Made me smile! Totally agree. Without a doubt though some sales figures plus a marketing research guru is telling them they need an updated image to reach more consumers in 2011 bla bla bla! Lets hope they change their minds after the whole world complains!

    And yes, lovely weekend thank you. Back atcha!

  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    They decided to keep the old logo!! 🙂 😉

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