Balenciaga catches my eye

For me, the Balenciaga bags, although fabulous, are all pretty much the same – meaning I would never have any real desire to save up for one. BUT, when I saw this seasons new colour scheme, the one below in particular, I changed my mind just a little bit! How fab would this look alongside an all black outfit, or for that matter, against a white outfit, or in fact, anything muted and calm allowing the bag to do the talking. Bag passion……



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2 responses to “Balenciaga catches my eye

  1. CinZilicious

    Funny enough, my bf got me a Balenciaga bag for my bday this yr!!! Yeah, their styles do look relatively the same eh, and not to mention so $$$$! But that camel color does look lovely:)


  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Lucky girl! I am slowly falling for them!
    They have a classic shape and this colour is beautiful…..simple and understated arm glamour.

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